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For more on Genesis Fuel Card Discounts at SAPP BROS. Travel Centers, click here.

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For more on Genesis Fuel Card Discounts at Roady’s Truck Stops, click here.

Digital Diesel™

Digital Diesel is a cost management service that allows the user to reserve the right to purchase actual diesel fuel at a FIXED cost per gallon. You convert your Digital Diesel reserve into actual diesel where and when you need it, now or in the future. Simply let us know how much Digital Diesel you wish to reserve for your account.

This takes the guesswork out of one of the largest variable expenses for the trucking industry today and transforms it into a predictable fixed cost.

Who We Are

Genesis Fuel Corporation™ was formed to create and provide competitive advantage services to the transportation industries.

Our flagship program Digital Diesel™ is a cost management service that allows trucking companies to digitally reserve diesel fuel at a locked-in price that is guaranteed.  Your Digital Diesel reserves are stored in your Genesis Fuel account and can be easily transferred to your Genesis Fuel Card™  (or several cards) as needed to purchase actual diesel fuel whenever you wish at any of over 9,800 locations across the USA (not applicable in Alaska and Hawaii).

Benefits of Digital Diesel

  • Predictable Fuel Costs
  • Fuel Price Protection Program
  • Robust Dashboard (Command Center)
  • Contract only in States / Regions you Choose
  • Increase your Bottom Line Profits
  • Your Contract Price Won't Change - Guaranteed!

Change Your Game, Take Control

Digital Diesel from Genesis Fuel Corporation gives you the power to change the game by enabling you to lock diesel prices at a GUARANTEED FIXED COST.

When you know your future fuel costs you will…

  • submit more competitive quotes to your customers
  • eliminate requests for additional fuel surcharges when diesel costs rise
  • know your fuel margins regardless of which direction diesel prices move
  • win more jobs, increase bottom line profits and grow your business
  • have no dependency on fuel deliveries

Digital Diesel is Private and Secure

Your financial information is protected. Our 24-7 online dashboard gives you complete control and assures your activity history and balances are private. Transactions are confirmed by encrypted token based data transfers so you can count on your information remaining safe.

Connectivity across fuel stations nationwide

Instant payments and access to your account

Real-time traceability of funds and reports through an online dashboard

Fuel Price Protection

We all know diesel fuel prices vary from location to location every day. Our Fuel Price Protection program removes this variable and insures your contracted rate regardless of the price at the pump. 

If you fuel up at a lower price per gallon than your Digital Diesel locked in cost, Genesis Fuel Corporation will credit you the difference even before the driver pulls out of the truck stop.* If the pump price is higher than your locked in price, you pocket the difference. That profit goes straight to your bottom line!

*See terms of contract and program

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Our Genesis Fuel Card is accepted at over 9800 major fueling stations nationwide.

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Go ahead, download our brochure or our presentation. You will be surprised how much we can help you save on fuel costs and decrease your operating expenses. Also, for more information please visit our FAQ page.