Company Name
Company Address
Contract State Price
Number of Gallons
Total State Contracted Price

This is the base cost of the fuel. It is the requested gallons at the price of the most expensive state in your contract.

Digital Diesel Surcharge

This is the premium incurred for using our service. It adds $0.30 per gallon.

Price Protection Program

If you opt-in to the Price Protection Program you will be reimbursed if the card is used at a price cheaper than the contract price up to a $0.15 drop in the fuel market. The cost of this program adds $0.05 per gallon.

Total Digital Diesel Price for Contract


EIA National Average Fuel Price
Standard Surcharge(EIA)(Contract)

The surcharge can be calculated either using the EIA national average or the contract price.

Surcharge Adjustment
Average Miles Per Gallon (Your Fleet)
Digital Diesel Surcharge

You can opt to pass the cost of Digital Diesel onto the client.

Guaranteed Digital Diesel Surcharge
Estimated Miles for contract
Standard Surcharge Recapture
Digital Diesel Surcharge Recapture
Total Surcharge Recapture
Estimated Contract Gallons