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FAQ Section

How are you able to lock in fuel prices when they are low?

The number one question we get from customers when considering Digital Diesel is “How do you do this?” Protecting our customer’s hard-earned money dedicated to Digital Diesel is the foundation that our company is built upon.

The heart of Digital Diesel is based on a proven practice of money management that leverages a ground-breaking algorithm designed for stability and reliability – rather than maximizing profits. The Digital Diesel platform is so soundly built that Genesis Fuel Corporation self-funds the cards. We’re in this for the long haul, just like you – and we know that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Sounds too good to be true?

New ideas often seem to be too good to be true. While the concept of Digital Diesel is new to the trucking industry it is not necessarily new to the cyberspace business environment. Genesis Fuel Corporation is providing you with a powerful financial instrument for you to reserve the right to purchase diesel fuel at a fixed rate at the time and location of your choosing. Our promise to you is diesel fuel at your contracted rate. Period.

Does Genesis Fuel Corporation actually purchase and store diesel fuel?

No. This is what is unique about Digital Diesel and what makes it a game changer for the trucking industry. We provide a complete process for you to reserve the right to purchase diesel fuel, store it digitally on our Digital Diesel Fuel Card and convert it to actual diesel at a later time when fuel market conditions give you a cost advantage. You decide when you want to tap into your Digital Diesel account.

So exactly how much does Digital Diesel cost and how does this work?

The cost of Digital Diesel depends upon the current price at the pump when you lock in. For example, if the price at the pump (national average) is $3.00/gallon when you sign the agreement, that is your contracted price. There is a slight surcharge that is added and to be fair, to give a locked in guaranteed shipping cost to your shipper, we have a process that enables you to recapture that on the fuel surcharge. Now, this is where it gets interesting and how you can use Digital Diesel to your advantage.

If the pump price is higher than your contracted price but lower than your locked-in cost, Genesis Fuel Corporation will credit the difference back to your account!

We call this feature our Fuel Price Protection.

Is there any time when I shouldn’t use my Digital Diesel?

Yes and No. Part of the price protection program that Genesis fuel offers will help you in a declining market to a certain point where you will not be losing out on your profits. We don’t recommend you convert your Digital Diesel to actual fuel whenever the price at the pump drops below this price protection program. You can still convert it if you wish or hold onto it for a later date. Genesis Fuel will be here for you. Your Digital Diesel has no expiration date.