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Our Story

How We Began Genesis Fuel

About Genesis Fuel

Our Story & How We Got Started

The Genesis story starts many years ago in 2012 in a simple hallway conversation with a co-tenant that happened to be in the trucking industry. Making polite conversation, Steve Schmidt, a highly successful mortgage broker,  inquired about the health of the trucker’s business and wondered out loud how much they must be profiting because of the low price of diesel which was only $1.80 a gallon at the time.

Learning About The Problem

In a moment of sudden and abrupt honesty, the man looked Steve in the eye and said “Business is slow and diesel is low for everyone, so it’s not a great time.” Intrigued, Steve continued to probe and learned that unlike the airline industry, there was no practical way for a trucking company to harness the low cost of fuel and save it for a later date when prices had begun to climb again.

Our Solution

Excited by the challenge, Steve started down the path of what would turn out to be a long and arduous period of research and development for a solution to this industry problem. Ultimately, he created a ground-breaking solution that is today a win-win solution for everyone. The unique process he created allows trucking companies to digitally reserve the right to purchase diesel at a fixed price and redeem it whenever they wish.

Steve founded Genesis Fuel Corporation to give life to this new way of acquiring fuel. This basic foundation beats as the heart of the company and everything that makes Genesis Fuel Corporation what it is today.

Executive team

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