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Steve Schmidt

Chief Executive Officer


Steve has defined and shaped his career as a serious problem solver; first as a mortgage broker in the highly competitive financial banking industry for over thirteen years.  As the top producing officer in his company, he got the job done for his clients where others failed. Steve gets to the client’s goal, zeroes in on the solution immediately, and works backward to eliminate all obstacles. Job done!

Today, as founder and CEO of Genesis Fuel, he has utilized his highly developed problem solving skills to recognize and eliminate the greatest profit-blocking barrier in the mobile trucking industry; the VARIABLE  COST  of DIESEL FUEL.  Through years of ingenious research and meticulous testing developed by Steve,  Genesis Fuel, unlike any other company, now guarantees small to medium sized carriers COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY for their current and future clients, and all other parties, resulting in HIGHER PROFITIBILITY!  NO MORE UNPREDICTABLE  RISING SURCHARGE CALLS TO CLIENTS.  

Steve is easy to talk to, extremely perceptive and insightful relating to what will most assuredly build your bottom line. He is the guy that disproves the old adage that is impossible to wrangle a bunch of cats. Steve can do it, and Genesis Fuel will wrangle you higher profits.


Financial Acumen90%

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